Newsletter is now working!

I finally finished setting up my newsletter/mailing list! You can sign up on through the side bar or in the Bonus Content page. Yes, that’s right! signing up will give you immediate access to some bonus content and more to come in the future (I have a surprise coming for when Finding Fae Artifacts releases, mwahahaha >:D ).

I plan on sending a monthly email with news, updates, snippets, etc, as well as whenever I have a new release or sale.

And what does Maddie (protagonist of Finding Fae Artifacts) think of mailing lists and the like? Hmm. *thinking face*

Well, Maddie is totally subscribed to about a bajillion forums and subreddits dealing with anything Fae. Two of them run by actually in-the-know part-Fae like her, and the others wishful speculation!