Getting closer to December!

It’s almost been a month since Finding Fae Artifacts came out! Time flies, doesn’t it? I’m working on the sequel right now and should have release details and a cover available soon. But if you want to be the first to know and volunteer as an ARC reader in the future, make sure to sign up to my newsletter here: or at the top of this page.

Not only does my newsletter gets first dibs at news, but they also get longer snippets and other bonus content. Oh, and cat pics. Sometimes. Damn neighborhood cats make it hard to take good photos of them! XD

I hope everyone is having a great ending of the year—stay safe and hey, 2020 is finally almost over!

<3 Isa

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  1. Read Whispers of Ink, Finding Fae Artifacts and Aiden POV. Loved them all. Whispers of Ink is a love story, very sweet, very short. Really enjoying this author.

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