2020 is almost over!

Are you ready for 2021? I sure am! Even though 2020 marked my Urban Fantasy debut and I couldn’t be happier with all the support I’ve received, I’m so ready to jump right into 2021. And what’s this News Coming Soon, you might wonder? Well, it won’t be long to know (unless you’re subscribed to my newsletter, in which case you already know! 😉 Check back in January for news about the second book in the Magical Artifacts Institute as well as future plans for the new year!

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and a great start to 2021!

And to celebrate, a little snippet!

The first door was open, and it wasn’t even a door but just an arch of an entrance. The room inside had a long table and some chairs with a huge window at the end looking into a thin stream running down a few thick branches. Very cozy. Ten out of ten. Next.
A door closed somewhere and I froze. Footsteps then, down the stone stairs I had just taken. I scrambled into the next room and found some kind of small library.
With a Fae sitting on an armchair staring right at me.
He was stunningly beautiful, with a lightly tanned skin, golden eyes, and midnight-black hair falling in a curtain over his shoulders almost to his waist. He wore a loose white shirt under a blue vest and was leaning forward, frozen with one hand extended toward the low table in front of him, his expression blank. He simply…stared.
Nothing worse than being the object of a Fae’s staring.
So I went right out and hid in the next room down the hallway.