Magical Artifacts Hunter


I’m an artifact hunter not an artifact thief! Mostly.

Being an artifact hunter is easy. Being the best takes time, dedication, and a huge hit to put me on the map. And nothing is bigger than finding my ex-boss’s lost collection of priceless artifacts.

So, when my search leads me to a secret, illegal artifact auction, it’s the perfect opportunity to snoop around. Too bad the Council chooses that night to stage a raid.

Luckily, I escape undiscovered.

Even better, I run into a rare artifact on the way out.

It’s ancient, it’s expensive, and could make my career as an artifact hunter. There’s just one tiny, teeny problem—ruthless Fae and part-Fae alike are after it, and they’ll stop at nothing to take it from me.

Delve into the Magical Artifacts universe, a fun, feel-good Urban Fantasy series featuring tricky Fae, magic, sorcerers, adventure, giant puppies, and a grumpy/sunshine romance.

Note: This is a continuation of my Magical Artifacts Institute series, but can be read on its own!