Red Angel series


Ana Calliope Holt has a few problems: she’s broke, she’s been blacklisted from all decently paying jobs in the magical community, and her secret identity as the only weapon powerful enough to kill immortals is about to come out, putting her on everyone’s hit list to use, end, or capture.
And then there’s the infuriating nightmare that is the angel Zel. But we don’t talk about that.
Because she might just strangle him, and murder is illegal.

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Books in the series: (4 total)

Magical Artifacts Institute


Barely part-Fae Maddie Dover dreams of joining the Magical Artifacts Retrieval & Research Institute and becoming an artifact hunter, but its mysterious director, a.k.a. the Jerk, keeps rejecting her applications. Can a chance encounter with a dangerous Fae artifact, an arrogant member of the Institute, and a ravenous Fae hound change that? Maddie’s adventures—and the Institute’s possible doom—have only just begun.

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Books in the series:

Finding Fae Artifacts
Playing Fae Games
Breaking Fae Spells
Fixinv Fae Problems