Realms Unleashed: Red Angel

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Broke, blacklisted, and keeping secrets—the deadly kind.

Name? Ana Calliope Holt. Occupation? Demon vermin hunter. Status in the human magic community? Rock bottom, basement level.

And for a half-angel, that’s quite a feat.

I don’t mind it—the less anyone pays me any attention, the better. Because if anyone in the mortal, angelic, or demonic realms learns I’m the reincarnation of the Red Angel, an ancient weapon that can end immortal lives, I’ll be the hunted instead of doing the hunting.

So, when rumors about my existence begin to circulate, I must cover up my tracks, no matter what.

Unfortunately, when you’re already scraping the bottom of the barrel, the only help you find is the one you probably don’t want. Like Zel, an angel much more infuriating than he’s useful. Or the magical black market, where backstabbing is more of a competitive sport than a hobby.

But the way I see it, once you’re down this deep into a hole, things can only look up.


Mortal Secrets – Realms Unleashed: Red Angel Book One