Red Angel series


I can kill immortals, and everyone is about to find out. Sure way to get on a few hundred hit lists. Oops.

Currently broke and completely blacklisted from the “good” magical community, I have no option but to go to the bottom of the barrel for help. Like the black market, where backstabbing is more of a competitive sport than a hobby, or the hot, infuriating nightmare that’s the angel Zel.

But we don’t talk about him. Because murder is illegal, and I might just strangle him.

Delve into the fun, action-packed world of Realms Unleashed: Red Angel, featuring angels, demons, magic, a slow-burn romance, and a lot of mayhem!


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Chaotic Souls - Red Angel Book 4

Summoners are dropping dead, and this time it’s not my fault.

On top of that, someone’s put a bounty on the Red Angel.

Bad news, considering me being the Red Angel is the worst kept secret in town.

Worse news—my gut tells me Ward is responsible for the deaths and the bounty. Which means the only things standing between him and his plans to unleash Chaos on the three realms might be one badly-hidden weapon, the Book of Souls, and the Red Angel, served on a platter.

Fortunately, I have Sol and Zel on my side, and I can always count on my allies to come help…if I can bribe them enough to show up.

Nobody asked me to go and save the world, but hey, since I’m here and all that. And who knows, if everything works out my way, I might even get to release the souls in my wings and finally get a good night’s sleep.

Unless it means losing the people I hold dearest.