Magical Artifacts Institute


Magical Artifacts Insitute Book Two

Dangerous Fae. Dangerous games.

Just when I thought I had achieved my life-long dream of becoming an Artifact Hunter for the Institute, Aidan goes missing before signing off on the paperwork.

What’s a girl to do in these circumstances but track him down?

Unfortunately, Aidan’s trail leads right into the one place best enjoyed from afar: the otherworld land of Faerie, where Fae Lords rule, help comes at a steep price, and creatures love to gnaw on human parts.

It’s also way out of the Institute’s reach, so any rescue mission is up to me. Sneaking into Faerie might be the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done, but for Aidan—not to mention my dream job—I’m willing to take the risk.

Getting into Fae-land proves to be easy, finding Aidan a bit more tricky. Surviving the trip and making it out? Well, that’s going to depend on how many Fae tricks we can avoid…and how good I am at playing their games.

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