Magical Artifacts Institute


Magical Artifacts Institute Book Three

Careful what you wish for…

It’s been four weeks since I began working at the Institute, and so far Aidan’s been ignoring me, nobody will give me the password to the Institute’s database, and I’m stuck on reception desk duty, leaving me eager for some artifact action. So when an urgent, anonymous tip about a dangerous artifact comes in while I’m the only one around, I decide to act on it.

Result? An ordinary artifact in a box. Problem? The mysterious spell that came with the box and is now attached to me.

I’ve been had, and if Aidan finds out before I show him I can fix it, my job is toast. But figuring out what particular brand of magical doom hangs over my shoulders is not easy, and as I dive deeper into the part-Fae world, I realize that these kinds of favors don’t come cheap—someone wants the Institute to pay in full, and they won’t accept coin.

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